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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Painted Plywood Floors - Basketball Court - Setting the Courtlines

With your hardwood floor in place, it's now time to start making it look like a basketball court.  And for that, we need lines.  Lots of lines :)

A little planning ahead on this step will go a long ways in making sure you get the results that you want.  To begin, I needed to find a few reference images to know what an OKC Thunder Court SHOULD look like.  I was able to find this image online:

OKC Thunder Court Diagram

I cut the court in half, to more resemble the proportions of her room, and trimmed away some of the outer border.  I also took the large Thunder logo in the middle and turned it sideways to face the basket and made it a little smaller to better fit the size of the room.  And finally, I adjusted the colors to match what we were doing as her theme...dark floor with orange courtlines:

Since we already laid our first border tape in a previous step, it was just a matter of determining the width of the court lines and laying the other side of the tape.  For this project, we used 1" for the line width.  It was pretty simple to calculate and seemed to be proportionate to the scale of the floor.  Going around the room, we laid the inner tape line.  Once completed, we used an X-Acto knife to cut in where the lines intersect:

Outer border with tape cut
Outer border and free throw area boxed in
We then put down the courtlines for the free throw area...the light blue box on the previous picture.  Paying careful attention to line up the intersections and account for how far back the free throw arc and 3-point line needed to be placed, we extended the courtlines into the room and boxed in the area we wanted to work with.  Our preliminary results looked pretty good!
In our next step, we'll tackle those pesky curved lines for the free-throw arc and 3-point line.  Stay tuned and see how we did it!

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