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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Painted Plywood Floors - Basketball Court - Putting in the Planks

Alright, we've got the floor sanded, primed, painted, and have a nice shiny border around the room...but as much as my cute little daughter loves walking on it...it doesn't look anything like a basketball court yet!  What do we need?  Planks!

Nothing like walking on your big sister's newly painted floor!
To start, all you need is a ruler, a few room-long pieces of tape, and a little patience.

Since the wood grain tool I bought for this project was 3 inches wide, it only made sense to make 3" wood planks.  We also knew the planks would run 'length-wise' from east to west across her floor.  And finally, there is a one inch court line that runs around the room, similar to the light blue border we've already painted.

This diagram might help a bit...

4" blue border, 1" Court line, then 3" planks

To start putting down the planks, simply measure out 1 inch from your painted border, all the way around the room.  Then place a 'tick' 3" away from your new line on each side...in our case, on the east and west walls.  Take a long piece of tape and line up the tick marks, and carefully pat down to keep the line straight.  Trace one edge of the tape, pull it up...rinse and repeat.  In our case, we had somewhere around 40 planks.

Here's a short video on how me and my kids accomplished this:

As you work down the floor, your court will begin to look like this:

Horizontal planks.  Make sure they're straight and the rest takes care of itself!

And by the time it's all said and done, you'll have a floor full of horizontal lines.  

But those aren't really planks...well, they're really LONG planks.  But to make it look like a court, we needed to break them up.  After doing a little debating, my daughter decided that 30 inches would be a good length.  I was inclined to agree.

So, starting at random placed along each 'long plank', start marking off 30" planks.  Don't worry if they don't come out even when you get to the far side of the room, it's not supposed to! :)

This is our process showing how Kayla marked off her boards:

Wooden planks drawn in place...starting to look good!

And now you have it...hand-drawn wood planks across your entire floor.  Still doesn't look like much, but you can start to see it take shape.

Next, we'll go over one of the biggest steps of this process...applying a wood grain to each plank.  Make sure you have a little time on your hands for this one.  But it's well worth it.

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