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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Painted Plywood Floors - Basketball Court - Base Coat

Now that the primer is dry and the floor has been prepared, it's time to decide what type of basketball court you want to paint and what the end-result will be like.  I guess I'm a bit old-fashioned, because I envisioned my daughter wanting a light-colored floor, like the image to the left.  To me, this is the quintessential basketball court and the most obvious to paint...perhaps that's why she didn't want hers to look like that :)

Instead, she wanted a dark-colored court...more of a mahogany or cherry oak grain.  Hey, her floor, her choice, right?  The first step is to pick out a 'base' coat that will go under your stain and woodgrain.  This coat will not resemble the end-product, but will provide a subtle undertone that the rest of the grain will go on.  You still have a gel stain, wood stain, and a few coats of polyeurethane to go on top of this coat, so don't worry about getting it exact.  In simplest terms, if you want a light court, use a light base...if you want a dark court, use a medium yellow base.  We went with Honey Wheat.

cut in along the walls to keep from getting anything on your baseboards
Cut along the walls first
fill in the middle of the floor with a roller to speed things up
Fill in the rest with a roller
Now comes the easy part...paint the floor.  Using your base wood color, cut in along all the walls, then use a roller to finish the floor.  We let it dry, then went ahead and applied a second coat, although hind-sight I'm not sure it was necessary.  At the very least, it gave just a little more thickness to the paint to help with any imperfections the primer missed.  When you're done, it should look similar to this, depending on the darkness of your original base coat.

two base coats of wood color applied
Two coats appied, ready for planks!

In the next step, we'll get a border around the court to help set it off from the rest of the room.  

Stay tuned!

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