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Friday, May 23, 2014

Painted Plywood Floors - Hallway Design Concepts

Initial Hallway Design Concept

We've got the floor primed and ready...and now we're waiting for the rest of the contractors to finish up their job.  So in the mean time, we need to decide on exactly how we'll be painting our floors!  After all, I don't think we want to be walking around on white primer for the next 30 years :)
Diamond-Pattern: Painted Plywood Subfloor
Diamond-patterned painted plywood

When we first started entertaining the idea of painted plywood, this photo to the right stood out to us.  It was simple, elegant, and seemed to really make the idea of painting our plywood sub-floor a reality.  


We took the concept, and applied it to our floorplan; unfortunately, the design didn't work as well as we thought it would.  We liked the idea of the diamonds, and somehow wanted to incorporate that into our overall theme.  We attempted several sketches using several variations of the diamond theme...different types of diamond patterns, different sized diamonds, diamonds inset within larger diamonds, staggered diamonds with square accents...nothing really stood out like we wanted.

Something Entirely Different

Finally, we determined maybe the diamond pattern just wasn't what we wanted after all, so I went out on a limb and sketched out something entirely different.  After playing with it for a while, I arrived at something like what you see below.  It was pretty simple, and we were pleasantly surprised at how it turned out!  Granted, it looked like a sketch...I'm not sure how I could possibly paint that.  

So we took that idea and came up with several variations to see if any of them stood out and gave us that 'pop' that we wanted.

Getting closer!  But it's still not gonna work.  Everything I tried was too complicated and would be impossible to paint and expect it to look like what I was drawing.  Finally, I took the elements of some of the previous sketches and combined them into one final, simpler idea.  And this is what emerged.

It was less 'sketch-like', so it would be easier to paint.  It still possessed a lot of the theme ideas that we wanted, and the linear accents along the side made it stand out; however, it was STILL a little too 'busy' for our liking.  We wanted an elegant looking hallway, but didn't want the paint job to overpower the rest of the upstairs.  

So we thought, "what if we took out the accent design and just left the middle part?"
 Well, it looked good, but still might be a bit much.  Well, "what if we took out the middle design and just left the accents?"  NOW we're getting somewhere.  By removing the complex center design, leaving only the 'viny' accents, it created a very elegant, yet simple design that would give our hallway exactly what we wanted.

Time to Put My Computer Skills to Work

I went to my computer, drew out our hallway and started seeing what it would look like if it was set to scale.  The results were what we were looking for.  It had a certain elegance.  It was simple and wouldn't be too hard to paint.  And most important, we felt it looked great! 

Computer generated representation of hallway design

I still need to tweak what we're going to do around the balcony.  And benches will flank the entrance to my daughter's bedroom, which explains the darker border around that.  But overall, this is really what we want, and we can't wait to see how it turns out!

See the 3D view.  (I'm a computer nerd, I'm allowed to indulge :P )
3D representation of new hallway design

Follow along with this process on YouTube!

And of course, watch from the very beginning.

Next, I'll explain how we take this digital print, apply the ACTUAL scale, and how I plan to transfer it to the floor itself.

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