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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Painted Plywood Floors - Finishing Off the First Coat

Since we finished up so late with the first two rooms, we gave it a couple days for the primer coat to set and air out.  I came back that weekend and brought my father-in-law's belt sander to help smooth out anything we may have missed before.  As it turned out, that was a good thing, especially since we left the windows open and the constant Oklahoma wind blew a thin layer of dust all over everything...some of it sticking to my first coat of primer as it dried :(

The dust was no match for the belt sander though, as I was quickly able to go over the entire upstairs, removing any loose (or not so loose) dust particles, as well as any seams we may have missed earlier in the week as we rushed to get things done.

The floor had been given one pass with a heavy duty sander, a layer of primer, and a pass with a belt sander.  Although it still LOOKED like plywood, you could practically slide across it without getting splinters!  Definitely what we were going for.  

It was now time to finish off the second story with its first coat of primer hand brushing the edges and rolling to rest, and even lay a second coat down in Mason, Morgan, and Kayla's rooms, since they had already been treated once previously.

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