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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Painted Plywood Floors - Early Results

As the primer went down, we could tell that although it was covering really well, it wasn't going to give us the results we needed.  The seams were still plainly visible, we had missed a lot of nail heads, and the texture just wasn't good enough.

We had to change our strategy and come up with a new game plan.

We knew that try as we might, we were NEVER going to even out those seams with elbow grease and sandpaper.  We needed help.  So we ran out and bought this little guy.
Did it help?  Sure!  Was it going to give us the results we wanted?  Absolutely not :(  You would think with a name like 'Mouse', it would have all the power you needed to tackle any sanding job?  But I'm here to tell you that just wasn't the case.  

I won't put the little guy down, he definitely did a better job than WE were going to do on our own, but it wasn't going to make those seams any smaller.  He did, however, work GREAT for sanding down our wood filler.  All the nail holes and seams that were covered with filler got sanded pretty darn good, and we were very happy with the results!  But we've got over 900 square feet up here, and so far we've only tackled one 11' by 12' room.  It was clear the mouse would have to step aside for a little while.