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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Painted Plywood Floors - Almost Ready

Well, we had a small window before the trim carpenter and cabinet builder will be on-site, and I REALLY wanted that second coat on the hallway and bathroom areas before they got started.  Me being the patient guy I am, I rounded up my son, belt sander, and bucket of primer and headed out! :)

Me and my son sanding out the rough spots.
I'll admit, I was pretty concerned.  The drywall crew, although they did a great job on the walls, also did quite a job on my floors.  There was drywall 'mud' everywhere.  Just kneeling down to feel it, I was afraid it would take a LOT of work to get it off.  Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn't difficult at all!  In fact, our little handheld sander blew through them pretty quick.  So while I hit the high spots and smoothed out the filled areas from before, my son ran around and undid the drywaller's damage.

Vacuuming up our mess
We quickly took our vacuum cleaner and shop vac and swept up our dust.  The final step before putting down our second coat was to make sure ALL the dust was gone.  I wasn't too strict on this with the first coat, mainly because it was getting late and I had already worked the entire day, but it isn't something I want to skimp on the second time around.  We grabbed a few shop cloths, LIGHTLY wet them, and broadly swept across the floor, picking up any remaining dust particles, leaving our floor perfectly smooth and ready for the primer.

The primer went on as good as I could have hoped for.  We really feel like we've got the hallway, balcony, and bathroom looking as good as we can and now it's time to sit back and let the carpenters and painters do their thing.  Then it's our turn again!

More to come!

View our process as we survey the first coat of primer, clean up any imperfections, and prepare it for the second coat.

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